About the Authors

Laura Daley

Laura has a God-given passion for horses and for helping riders in their horsemanship journeys. She grew up on a large-scale Arabian breeding ranch and has spent her entire life learning about horses. Her first horse-training experiences came as a child, but she never stopped learning. As an adult, she became a Brandi Lyons Certified trainer. Laura firmly believes in continued education and shared experiences, and she often attends clinics with highly respected trainers such as Pat Parelli, Richard Shrake, Ken McNabb, Raye Lochert, and John and Josh Lyons. In addition to her horse training experience, she is knowledgeable about natural hoof care, equine massage, and chiropractic care. She believes in and merges conditioned-response training methods with physical therapies to create a balanced, peaceful, and willing equine partner.

But Laura is not just a trainer of horses.

She is also a teacher of riders. She is a registered Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Assn. (PATH, Inc) riding instructor and has studied Sally Swift, who pioneered Centered Riding techniques, and Echert Meyners; a German dressage and body awareness teacher. She is also a veteran 4H leader and teacher of underprivileged youth and special needs clients. Laura has a heart for helping physically challenged riders. She has had arthritis in her ankles since she was seventeen, so she has a unique and personal insight into the struggle to overcome physical hardships and pain.

Laura’s specialty is helping fearful riders overcome their fears.

Using techniques that she has developed over her lifetime of teaching; she has helped hundreds of once-fearful people become fear-free. She combines the same conditioned-response methods she uses on horses with techniques that help riders accept and take control of their emotions in healthy and safe ways.

Laura lives in Northern California with her husband Dave. She is the mother of two sons and Grandma Neigh-Neigh to several grandchildren. She is devoted to helping others develop their passion and love for horses. When her health allows, she can be found at the barn teaching kids, adults, and horses. She is also online in the Riding Fear Free Facebook Group helping people all over the world learn to live and ride fear free.

Riding Fear Free

Jennifer Becton

As one of Laura's graduates, Jennifer Becton is an expert in being afraid.

Jennifer has worked in the publishing industry for twelve years as a proofreader, copy editor, and freelance writer.

In 2010, she accepted the challenge to publish her first novel. Upon discovering the possibilities of the expanding eBook market, she created Whiteley Press, an independent publishing house.

Jennifer is the bestselling author of Austenesque fiction. For information about her books

please visit http://bectonliterary.com/

Riding Fear Free

Virtual Lessons

Interested in having Laura Daley help you overcome your horseback riding fear?
If so, the following Virtual Lessons are available.

Rather than focusing solely on riding skills or training techniques, Laura's Virtual Lessons will help you address the real problem: fear. You may choose to submit journal entries (or emotional inventories) of your rides, videos of your interactions with your horse, or both.

Laura will review each submission carefully and provide feedback that will help you see the reality of your situation, recognize tension in both yourself and your horse, and learn how to take the next steps to Riding Fear Free.

Riding Fear Free

Journal Review: $35

The rider will submit a journal entry (1,000 words maximum*) describing one ride or horse session via email.

Riding Fear Free

Video Lessons: $65

The rider will submit a video (maximum 1 hour**) of their interactions with their horse either on the ground or while riding.

Riding Fear Free

Video and Journal Lesson Review: $90

The rider will submit a video (maximum 1 hour**) and a journal entry (maximum 1,000 words via email*).

*The maximum word count for a journal entry is 1,000 words. After that, the rider will be billed $10 for each additional 1,000 words.

*The maximum duration for a video lesson is 1 hour. After that, the rider will be billed $25 an hour for additional footage.